Look familiar?

Design for Single Dudes

Guys, we need to talk.

We need to talk about your place.

Do you think it’s good enough to bring a lady back to? Are you sure? You’re probably wrong. Sorry, bro.

The idea for this service came from a conversation with my wife. She told me that when we first started dating and she came over to my apartment for the first time, she snuck a look at my bedroom. And, lucky for me, she thought to herself:

“I could totally have sex with him in that bedroom.”

And then we had a conversation that blew my mind. She went on to say that women size up the man she’s dating by the state of his place. A lot of decisions about their relationship (or lack of) with you is based on this moment. It’s not just about how clean it is. It’s about your sense of style. Your taste. How nice your things go together. Do you have nice drinking glasses? Plates? Silverware? Food in the fridge? A decent wine selection? How about your couch… is it a “dude” couch? If it reclines… it’s a dude couch.

My wife, Gabi, is a fantastic interior designer…but it’s not just her, it’s all of her friends. We polled hundreds of single women at every age group, and 100% of them said that they do the same thing – the determine a lot about you by the home you keep.

I had to do something about this. I have to help out my fellow man.

Design for Dudes is an interior design service for single men. We can work with any size budget. We can help you get furniture, art, flooring, appliances, accessories and more for less than the cheapest deal you can find. We can even move walls if we need to.

More than that, Gabi will help you make your place a reflection of the man you are. You have class. You have style. You just need a little help expressing it. When we are done, you will feel better about your home; you’ll have more confidence. And, guys… nothing is more of a turn on than confidence. Trust me on this.

Fill out this form for a free initial consultation. Don’t worry, we will absolutely respect your privacy. We will not share your information with anyone else. Oh, and by the way, we can work with anyone, not just single guys. We also optimize AirBNB spaces, do full home renovations and much more.

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