Now offering virtual consultations via Zoom™

Are you a Landord or host on Airbnb?

Update your property, amenities and decor to increase your profitability. We will design and style your property so you get more bookings, increase your rental rates and profit.

We make your property sensational and aesthetically appealing, delivering nothing but the very best for all our clients. Our services are not only affordable – they are profitable. 

Reasons to Hire Us

People make up their minds about your property in 5 seconds or less, based on the photos they see of your property. You only get one chance to make a first impression!

  • Friendly, easy service – available in person or via zoom
  • Custom furniture for less than mass produced retail
  • Add in-demand amenities with our renovation services
  • Properties with personality make more money, earn longer stays and ofter result in repeat business 
  • Professional delivery and installation available