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The Park Avenue Difference

With over two decades of experience and passion for interior design, we are truly different than your typical staging partner. We have a creative eye and years of experience with our own investment properties. We are driven by a genuine goal to help you  get more for your home or investment property.


When buying a property it is important that your designer has both personal and professional experience staging and investing in properties, otherwise they can’t really “walk in your shoes.” We have that experience. With out renovation and design experience, we have have helped many agents see the possibilities with the properties you are showing to them.


We can help your customer get more for their home or commercial property by making it look its absolute best. Sometimes it doesn’t take very much to transform a property from “meh” to “marvelous!”


We are experienced real estate investors and can help you get your property rent-ready for les. This can greatly improve on the return-on capital and cash-flow for individual properties.